Aluminum in Motion

Technical Studies


Through technical studies and working in partnership with global automotive manufacturers, Alumobility will help further develop smarter, lighter, safer, and more sustainable vehicles. Subscribe today to receive info on upcoming events and new studies.



Chapeau! Aluminum Top Hat Offers Lighter Alternative

Alumobility takes on the Top Hat to demonstrate weight savings that meet or exceed performance of the steel reference in an electric SUV.

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Last Mile Delivery Vehicles (LMDV)

Aluminum-Intensive Last Mile Delivery Vehicles Drive Benefits for OEMs, Fleets, and the Environment

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Aluminum Doors Open New Possibilities

We’ve studied the effects of replacing steel with aluminum in a mass production vehicle door. The results? An open-and-shut case.

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High-Strength Aluminum B-Pillar

Safety and strength meet the added benefit of lighter weight using high-strength aluminum. A true pillar of opportunity.

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