Press Release: Alumobility to Demonstrate Superior Economic and Sustainability Performance of an Aluminum Vehicle Body at EuroCarBody’s 24th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference on October 18

October 11, 2022

ZURICH, October 11, 2022, Alumobility, the global association committed to advancing the adoption of aluminum by automakers, will present the results of its recent technical case study: Superior Economic and Sustainability Performance of an Aluminum Vehicle Body – including cost of ownership and life cycle analysis, demonstrated with a Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle concept. The presentation will open the EuroCarBody’s 24th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference, which runs from October 18th through October 20th, and takes place in Bad Nauheim, Germany.

Committed to sharing industry knowledge for the application of aluminium in the automotive industry, three Alumobility representatives, including Andreas Afseth (Constellium/Alumobility), Karisma Leftinger (Novelis/Alumobility) and Dr. Thomas Rudlaff (Alumobility), will present the case study results and conduct the hands-on presentation in front of event attendees from around the world, followed by an interactive Q&A session around a hologram display of the LMDV concept.

As a result of the significant increase in e-commerce demand in the last few years, Alumobility developed the LMDV study to help accelerate the use of aluminum in automotive applications, particularly in commercial vehicles, and to show the potential to reduce vehicle emissions. The significant weight reduction for the aluminum LMDV proposal combined with the electric drivetrain results in a vehicle with much lower CO2e in all measured phases. At the same time, the LMDV offers fleet owners a lower cost of ownership compared to a steel internal combustion engine or a steel battery electric vehicle. The aluminum intensive LMDV delivers reduced energy consumption, better payload, less maintenance, and longer fleet life.

“Presenting the results of this important study to an international audience of automotive engineers, designers and manufacturers at the EuroCarBody conference makes perfect sense for Alumobility. Our first and foremost goal is to share the latest aluminium automotive technology, including forming and joining, with the automotive world to advance aluminum as the material of choice for vehicle bodies. Conferences such as EuroCarBody create an excellent environment for education and collaboration, which are key to achieving our mission,” said Thomas Rudlaff, Managing Director, Alumobility.

Organized by the Automotive Circle, EuroCarBody’s 24th Global Car Body Benchmarking Conference will bring together car body engineers from around the world to benchmark the latest car body development, performance and production techniques.

To register for the event, taking place October 18-October 20, 2022 in Bad Nauheim, click HERE.

About Alumobility

Alumobility is a global ecosystem of leading aluminum and downstream technology partners that supports automotive manufacturers in creating lighter, safer, smarter and more sustainable vehicles. The non-profit association was founded to focus on technical studies to advance the adoption of aluminum automotive body sheet (ABS). Working with global automakers, Alumobility is helping to fulfill the promise of a lighter, more efficient, more sustainable mobility future.

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